Sunday, 20 November 2011

Here is an update on Walford's changes to the characters..

Departing Characters

Walford favorite, Pat Evans will die on New Year's Eve 2011 after she discovers she has cancer! It has been announced that David Wicks will return for Pat's exit as well as her funeral, that Janine Butcher will pay for and organize with David's help.

Heather Trott will leave in January 2012. It has been reported that she will be murdered by her new boyfriend. This may change however Bryan Kirkwood has announced that Andrew Cotton, Rose Cotton's son, who we meet in the Southend-on-Sea week special where Rob Grayson meet death's door and Ryan Malloy departed will return to woo Heather. Watch this space for more update on her!

Laurie Brett (aka. Jane Clarke) has announced she would like to spend more time with her daughter and will shoot her final scenes in December for an on-screen departure in January 2012. The door has been left open for Jane to return.

Returning Characters
Max Branning will return to Walford on Wedneday to claim his children back but instead decides to stay after the Branning clang discover Tanya Jessop's cancer secert. Bryan Kirkwood commented, the revelation of Tanya's cancer will shock the Crosses & the Brannings" As we know, Tanya has only told husband, Greg Jessop and daughter, Lauren Branning. Following him up on Thursday is Derek Branning, the oldest of the siblings. He returns to support Max and to make ahmeds with Carol Jackson. Click on the following link for Branning Week's advertisement video: Branning Week Video

Yusef Khan's cousin Tariq will return to Albert Square for 1 episode on 28 November 2011. 
Phil Mitchell's lawyer, Jimmie Broone, will also return for 1 episode on 28 November 2011.

Ricky Butcher will return to Albert Square on 13th December with some bad news and comes home to more bad news that they have a finical problem! So Ricky, Pat, Carol and the kids go on holiday to Scarbrough for a week.

By the time they return it won't be long until Bianca Butcher returns as her time in prison comes to an end. She will be back home before Christmas.

It has been announced that Lucy Beale will return to the square to come home to Ian's new fiancee, Mandy Salter, however this time she will be played by Hetti Bywater. They are currently filming Lucy scenes and her return will be broadcasted in Early 2012.

Future Characters
Morgan Butcher's dad will come to Walford after Whitney Dean calls him telling him that he should get more involded in his son's life and to shock of it he didn't even know he had a son! Ray Dixon, played by Chucky Venn will make a Walford debut in January 2012.

That's all from me for now but watch this space for exclusive details on EastEnders :-) 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Bye Ryan and evil Rob!

Last week saw the heart breaking departure of Ryan and the death evil Rob.

We hope that Ryan will return very soon.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Departing Characters

Here are the departing characters of EastEnders:

  • Ryan Malloy will be leaving the cast in the last week of August when he kills his rival, Rob Grayson. Afterwards he does a runner so he doesn't gent sent down!

  • Vanessa Gold & Darren Miller will leave EastEnders in October 2011 after a decision to leave the show. Charlie G Hawkins (Darren) says: 
"I've enjoyed my time at EastEnders immensely, it's been a terrific chapter in my life and I've loved every minute of it. I've had tremendous support throughout my duration on the show and I would like to thank Bryan and the whole team for believing in me." "I can barely ­remember life before EastEnders" "I would like to chill out and enjoy being a normal 20-year-old"

  •  Pat Evans will be leaving the show after 25 and a half years at EastEnders. It has been confirmed that she will not be killed off!  We will see Pat depart around Christmas. She was known for marring, Pete Beale, Brain Wicks, Frank Butcher & Roy Evans.

  • David Essex's contract was for 4 months only and it has come to it's end. David started in April and finishes in August. Eddie however started 2 months later in June and will finish 2 months later in October. He was introduced as Alife's uncle, Tommy's granddad and Michael's dad. He was followed up by his other 2 sons, Tyler & Anthony (who was Michael's half-brothers) who won't be leaving any time soon. He will be followed by his son, Craig who has Downs Syndrome. Eddie exit will possibly be that he leaves to live with Craig, Michael's long lost brother.

    EastEnders w/c 15th August 2011

    What's happening this week?

    Well there will be:

    • Style
    • Fury
    • Lip - locking
    • Cancer trauma
    • Police investigation
    And few there's something normal;

    • Tug of war!


    Welcome to the all new blog of EastEnders Characters.

    I can keep you updated with all the goss and who's leaving the show, who's coming back to the show and if their is any new heads popping up on our screens!

    So keep watched as I will be posting all the time!